Lego Ninjago summer sets – The official images

Pictures of the new Ninjago sets have been published on, showing more precisely most part of the features and details of these new sets. And through the pictures I have no doubt that the fans can expect once again a lot of fun and playability in all of them!

The sets as you can see below are: Rock Roader (70589), Kryptarium Prison Breakout (70591), Salvage M.E.C. (70592), The Green NRG Dragon (70593), The Lighthouse Siege (70594) and Ultra Stealth Raider (70595), and will be available on stores next June.

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Lego 75093 – Death Star Final Duel

Running away from space ships, star wars will have next July the new Death Star Final duel, a set that will represent with extreme perfection the Emperor’s throne room on the second Death Star. With it, five mini-figures: Darth Vader with a new look, Luke Skywalker, a couple of Royal Guards and finally the Emperor Palpatine.

With a total of exactly seven hundred and twenty four pieces, the set intends to recreate one of the major scenes of episode VI, where Luke Skywalker battles against Darth Vader under the watchful eye of the Emperor.

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Lego Star Wars Summer Sets – The Official Images have been unveiled

The official Images of the 2015 Summer Star Wars set box sets have finally been unveiled. The sets were already known for a while but I think that is always pleasant to see it with the appropriate size and definition.

The sets as you probably know are the Flash Speeder (75091), the Nabboo Starfighter (75092), the Death star Final duel (75093), Imperial Shuttle Tydirium (75094), the Advent Calendar (75097) and the head set of this wave (at least until know…) the Imperial Assault Carrier (75106).

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