Lego 75056 – Star Wars Advent Calendar

This is not properly new, but I think that is the first time that the official images of this year’s star wars advent calendar surf in the internet. The set will have exactly two hundred and seventy four pieces and will bring eight (!!!) mini-figures, of known space-ships as well as a few interesting accessories.

The mini-figures will be a Super Battle Droid, a TIE Pilot, a Snow trooper, Luke Skywalker, Dak Ralter, General Rieekan, Darth Vader with a special Christmas suit, R2-D2 disguised as Christmas tree and finally, a Clone Trooper with a Santa Hat. From all these eight guys my special attention goes absolutely to Darth Vader and its red suit which is definitely very nice!

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Lego Star Wars – The Summer Set Line in Pictures

It’s absolutely amazing this new summer wave of Star Wars sets. The list presents for now nine new sets with air-ships and environments for every tastes. Not being a true fan of this theme I must say that the Ghost (75053) and the new Mos Eisley Cantina definitely caught my attention (75053), perhaps, this last one, because it features a building instead of the usual space ships.

But on the other hand I know someone that won’t rest until he puts his hands on the new Imperial star Destroyer, which looks definitely superb. Curiously this time there are no small sets (the traditional ten or eleven dollars sets) being the smallest the Phantom, with a little more than two hundred pieces.

Have a close look at the set boxes and a few additional pictures at the galley:

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