Lego 75024 – HH-87 Starhopper (HD update)

Based on the fourth season of the clone Wars episodes, the new HH 87 Starhopper is a new star wars set, that will be released next summer with about three hundred pieces that includes the big shop, a nice speeder and three mini-figures that are Obi-Wan Kenobi, Cad Bane and Nikto Guard.

The first images, for now, is not the best but I must say that in the first glance, the HH-87 is really very nice, the wingspan of ship is huge, the color combination is very nice and as a battle ship, the number of weapons is also pretty heavy because it brings, at least, two twin blaster cannons. The cockpit at the front is also very nice looking different from everything.The dark speeder looks also very accurate Continue reading