Lego 75016 – Homing Spider Droid

The Homing Spider Droid is another new Star Wars set with almost three hundred pieces. And this one is definitely pointed to the real fans because at the first glance it’s not easy to like it. I guess that a layman or a new Lego Fan will surely think: What do I do with this? And the four mini-figures that the set brings are sufficient to minimize this!

The set besides the Spider Droid has also a little robot and the mentioned four mini-figures: Two Super Battle Droids, a Clone Trooper and Stass Allie. And looking at the set box there is definitely a tendency of thinking:” where did the pieces go?” because it’s hard to imagine such a big quantity of pieces just in a spherical ball with four long legs.

This is probably the biggest Star Wars set in terms of technic pieces usage. Continue reading