Lego City 7747 – Wind Turbine Transport

The Wind Turbine Transport is a very long 2009’s set. The truck has perhaps the longest trailer is city theme and although its usual style, the warning vehicle has some nice interesting details and the turbine, well the turbine will have to be placed somewhere in a camp scenario because the blades will surely it the other buildings.

The truck is an ordinary chassis built of the same way of so many other city trucks with the traditional three wheel axes. Once it is built the differences will start appearing. The cab has some nice side doors and the usual coffee cup is present. It also has a decent seat for the driver and for the roof, Lego decided to adopt the highest usual piece but at the same time aerodynamic present for instance in the 7743 police truck.Behind the cab and next to it, where most of the times there is an empty space or a couple of truck tools, this time there is a small structure with four nice compartments to store tools and accessories. Continue reading