Lego The Movie – The Alternative look of the 2×1 Sets

Finally the alternative models of four Lego Movie sets have been revealed and the first impressions are really positive because they certainly transform the originals in more normal vehicles and why not, much prettier!

As you can see through the pictures, the strange flying machine gives place to a very beautiful Ice cream Van (70804), the ugly green “Monster” (70805) features now a more traditional Garbage Truck and finally the Castle Cavalry that originally showed us another strange aircraft is now a tall fortress of the blue army with a nice impressive black gate in the middle.

Besides these three, the Flyer Flusher (70811), Continue reading

The entire set line of the new Lego Movie

Suddenly all the new Lego Movie sets, thirteen in total, have been unveiled. At the first glance I would say that most of them look pretty nice with a bunch of different colors, unusual features and shapes and some new mini-figures.

Due to some weird details it’s easy to think “Uau, that looks cool but what do I do with it?” but in fact, I guess that it’s a bit unfair, without seeing the movie, to make those kinds of judgments. But on the other hand looks pretty easy to identify some different Lego themes in a few sets.Honestly, these sets won’t be my first choice, perhaps I will change my mind when I see the movie. Have a look at all of them (the one above is the 70813): Continue reading