Lego 70731 – Jay Walker One

The Jay Walker one is a new Ninjago set that has recently hit stores. At the first glance it looks slightly smaller than the piece count would suggest, featuring three hundred and eight six pieces which will be responsible for the vehicle, a small structure called the ghost prison, four mini-figures: (Jay, Bansha, Ghurka and Wail) with assorted weapons and lots of disks with printed ghosts.

The Jay Walker one uses mostly blue and golden pieces mixed with several different stickers which give it a very cool look. The main structure uses a few technic elements and on both edges the extra large wheel with golden rims give the car the appropriate look for surpassing all the obstacles.

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Lego Ninjago – Have a look at the Official Summer Set Boxes

The Official pictures of the Ninjago Summer sets have been unveiled. I guess that that summer wave is not all represented here but for know it’s already possible to observe seven of the new sets that will be part of new Ninjago wave.

The images include the Chain Cycle Ambush (70730), the Jay Walker One (70731), the Master Wu Dragon (70734), Ronin R.E.X. (70735), the Attack of the Morron Dragon (70736), the titan Mech Battle and the Final Flight of Destiny’s Bounty (70738).

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