Lego 70707 – CLS 89 Eradicator Mech

The CLS Eradicator Mech is a new Galaxy Squad Set and the only orange squad representative in the summer wave of releases. It brings exactly four hundred and forty pieces which includes the big Eradicator Mech, two big alien Bugs and a couple of orange soldiers namely Robot Sidekick and Jack Fireblade.

The Big Mech is quite interesting because it has the capability of transforming in two distinct vehicles. At the top, the big cockpit splits and transforms into a small space ship that is originally stuck to the mech thanks to a few technic pins, while the bug Mech keeps a similar look with all the original features.

I am not I truly fan of Mechs but I must say that this one is not one of the worst, far away from that. The entire structure is absolutely sturdy Continue reading

Lego Galaxy Squad – High Definition pictures of the new summer sets

Although they’re not properly new, mostly thanks to the Lego Events in the beginning of the year, such as for instance Toy Fair, it is always a pleasure to see not only the new high definition images of the summer wave of Galaxy Squad sets with all its details, mini-figures, vehicles, and so on but also their set-boxes which most of the time show all the main features.

In this wave there is not properly a small set. The smallest is the Crater Creeper (70706), a twenty dollar set with hundred and seventy one pieces and two mini-figures. The CLS-89 Eradicator Mech (Lego 70707), belongs to the orange squad and is considerably bigger with four hundred and forty pieces but only two mini-figures. Its retail price will be around the forty dollars.

The Hive Crawler (Lego 70708) is Continue reading

Lego Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima – New Sets for 2013 Summer

Just like City theme, Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima have also some great sets to be release next summer. The Squad will present us with four great new sets, an Eradicator Mech (70707), a Hive Crawler (70708) , a crater creeper (70706) which apparently will be the smallest of this wave and finally the big Galactic Titan (70709).

On the other hand, Legends of Chima will present the fans with a huge Lion Chi Temple – 70010 – (I’m rather curious with this one…), a Gorilla Striker (70008), which finally seems to be the entrance of a new animal in the theme, a Combat Lair by Worriz (70009) and finally a twin bike (70007).

All the theme’s sets will be released on 2013, between June and July Continue reading