Lego 70701 – Swarm Interceptor

The Swarm Interceptor is a nice Galaxy Squad set with two hundred and eighteen pieces and includes two nice mini-figures (an Alien Mosquito and Solomon Blaze), a small speeder and of course, the big Swarm Interceptor.

The bigger attraction is of course the Swarm Interceptor. It is the biggest and it brings plenty of awesome features. Building it is quite fun and soon you will realize that the main ship can split into two different parts. The front cockpit can easily detach from the main body and transform itself into a smaller vehicle to fight the mosquito. It has its own weapons at the front, and also a couple of small wings.

On the other hand, when the Interceptor is complete, Continue reading

Lego Galaxy Squad – The Entire Line

Looks like that Lego decided to anticipate to galaxy squad releases and with it all of the sets are already on stores in a few countries. Yesterday I presented the space warm and the bug obliterator but fortunately there is more to look at. In the following pictures you can have a real look about the other four sets.

The 70701, swarp interceptor, has a nice blue space ship and a couple of mini-figures, the 70702, Warp Stinger, has a small fighter, big insect and two mini-figures, the star slicer , 70703, has a sort of space ATV with plenty of weapons and it looks rather small compared to the big insect that is in the set.Finally and talking only about the new four presentation, Continue reading