Lego 70700 Galaxy Squad – Space Swarmer

If you’re looking for a couple of great new mini-figures, this is surely the right set. With about ten dollars you will get a blue robot, a green alien, a sort of bug or something like that, which is also very interesting especially if you’re becoming a real fan of this theme, and some cool features such as the big weapon of the blue robot and its jetpack.

The bug is obviously the big attraction of this little set. I guess we can say that this guy has two major parts in terms of features. First, its body which is no more than a small cockpit for the alien. The big red capsule open easily and we can easily check there is enough room for it and also for a considerable control panel at its front.The other part is its claws, which can assume multiple positions.

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Lego Galaxy Squad – The Entire Line

Looks like that Lego decided to anticipate to galaxy squad releases and with it all of the sets are already on stores in a few countries. Yesterday I presented the space warm and the bug obliterator but fortunately there is more to look at. In the following pictures you can have a real look about the other four sets.

The 70701, swarp interceptor, has a nice blue space ship and a couple of mini-figures, the 70702, Warp Stinger, has a small fighter, big insect and two mini-figures, the star slicer , 70703, has a sort of space ATV with plenty of weapons and it looks rather small compared to the big insect that is in the set.Finally and talking only about the new four presentation, Continue reading

Lego 70700 and 70705 – The first pictures of Galaxy Squad Sets

Recently in Canada, a couple of Galaxy Squad sets have been finally seen on retail. That’s great news for sure, especially to those who planned to buy, for Christmas, these new themes’ sets. Curiously these sets, the space warmer and the Bug Obliterator are the edges in terms of dimension.

By the pictures we can see that the new theme have several kinds of figures and not only those insects that have been shown before. The 70700 shows a blue fighter with something that looks like a rocket launcher and a green and red creature with plenty of claws, piloted by a green guy (which looks a bit different than the first insects.

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