Lego 66491 – A new Legends of Chima 5 in 1 Super Pack

Yesterday, I saw a new Legends of Chima Super pack in my local Toysrus. This new set is a 5 in 1 box that brings a nice Chima’s all terrain vehicle as the main attraction, three medium size sets and a smaller Legend Beast set.

The sets, as you can see through the pictures, are Rogon’s Rock Flinger (70131), Sparratus’ Spider Stalker (70130), Lavertus’ Twin Blade (70129), Braptor’s Wing Striker (70128) and Crocodile Legend Beast (70126) that together bring almost a thousand pieces and ten mini-figures.

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Lego 70131 – Rogon’s Rock Flinger

The Rogon’s Rock Flinger is one of the new Legends of Chima’s set that will be on stores in the beginning of 2014. Its true dimension in terms of piece’s quantity is nor certain yet but looking at the vehicle I guess that we might count with a few hundreds. The set features a new rhino tribe with a huge vehicle and three new mini-figures: Rogon, Rinona (a couple of new Rhinos) and Sparacon.

At a glance the first impression that I take from the pictures is that we’re in presence of a sturdy vehicle, filled with nice stuff to play with. The machine’s front, just like many other Chima’s vehicles, recreates the rhino’s muzzle with a couple of horns though this time it’s not so visible like in other sets.

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