Lego 66491 – A new Legends of Chima 5 in 1 Super Pack

Yesterday, I saw a new Legends of Chima Super pack in my local Toysrus. This new set is a 5 in 1 box that brings a nice Chima’s all terrain vehicle as the main attraction, three medium size sets and a smaller Legend Beast set.

The sets, as you can see through the pictures, are Rogon’s Rock Flinger (70131), Sparratus’ Spider Stalker (70130), Lavertus’ Twin Blade (70129), Braptor’s Wing Striker (70128) and Crocodile Legend Beast (70126) that together bring almost a thousand pieces and ten mini-figures.

I’m not a huge fan of this Continue reading

Lego 70129 – Lavertus’ Twin-Blade

The Lion’s Tribe has been presented with another aircraft. The Lavertus’ Twin blade is a new Legend of Chima’s set that features an unusual vehicle with strange shapes, two mini-figures (Lavertus, the Lion and Scutter), a small black scorpion handled precisely by Scutter and a couple of Chi Weapons.

The Twin blade has at the front, just like most of the Chima’s vehicles, the shape of its tribe’s animal, in this case a Lion’s muzzle (the nose, the ears, the juba and even its mouth are perfectly clear) and it’s exactly here where Lavertus assume the control of the craft.

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