Lego 70134 – Lavertus Outland Base

Lavertus Outland Base is another great Chima’s set that looks absolutely amazing! I must say that the Lion’s tribe has been quite lucky because not even a year has passed since the big Chi Temple (70010) has been release and the guys have already another big fortress to fight back the enemy.

This huge set brings exactly six hundred and eighty four pieces and features the symmetric Outland Base, two vehicles (a nice yellow speeder for the lions and unusual battle car for the spiders), four mini-figures (Lavertus and Laval from the Lions, Blista from the Bats and Sparratus from the Spiders) and a bunch of nice accessories to play with, namely some really nice weapons for the figures.

The Base, built with a really nice color scheme Continue reading

Lego 70010 – The Lion Chi Temple

The Lion chi Temple is one of the Legends of Chima second wave’s sets and perhaps one of the more impressive. The exactly number of pieces is not known yet but according to the average price per piece of the first wave and the estimated price of hundred pounds, I would say that this set will have something around the eight or nine hundred pieces.

The set, besides the big Temple will have seven mini-figures (which will be Lagravis, Laval and Longtooth from the Lion Tribe, Ewald from the eagles, Cragger and Crawley from the Crocodiles and finally Razar from the Raven tribe), and according to the pictures two small vehicles (that are place just in the front of the temple) and a small jet for Ewald.

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Lego Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima – New Sets for 2013 Summer

Just like City theme, Galaxy Squad and Legends of Chima have also some great sets to be release next summer. The Squad will present us with four great new sets, an Eradicator Mech (70707), a Hive Crawler (70708) , a crater creeper (70706) which apparently will be the smallest of this wave and finally the big Galactic Titan (70709).

On the other hand, Legends of Chima will present the fans with a huge Lion Chi Temple – 70010 – (I’m rather curious with this one…), a Gorilla Striker (70008), which finally seems to be the entrance of a new animal in the theme, a Combat Lair by Worriz (70009) and finally a twin bike (70007).

All the theme’s sets will be released on 2013, between June and July Continue reading