Lego 60197 – Passenger Train

Here we go for the new Passenger Train. And at the first glance I can’t hide a bit of disappointment regarding a couple of details. First of all, the first wagon, definitely is not my favorite in terms of design! Second, it looks like an unfinished train without the symmetric carriage in the back.

However, there is obviously some great new stuff to enjoy among the eight hundred bricks! The new color scheme with blue and dark yellow is good, there are four extra rail tracks compared to previous models, and best of all, it will be one of the first City trains that will bring the new 2.0 power functions kit with Bluetooth features.

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New Lego City Trains Revealed

A couple of official pictures of the new city trains have finally been revealed, showing the new passenger train (60197) as well as the new cargo train (60198). If the passenger’s set didn’t excite me too much for several reasons, I must say that the new cargo train left me quite curious and anxious to put my hands on it!

The passenger train will bring around seven hundred bricks and will feature also the usual small station, a light sign as well as four mini-figures. The cargo train is considerably bigger with more than a thousand and two hundred pieces and will also present a cargo truck, five mini-figures, a forklift and a new control tower. And, of course, plenty of new details and feature to enjoy, namely the new wagon with a crane!

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