Lego 60115 – 4 x 4 Off Roader

I usually enjoy these Traffic or Racing City sets, even when I don’t pretend to buy them, and this one surely follows the rule.  It looks rather pretty with green and red, the color of Octan Racing, and it won’t be difficult to find a couple of interesting features to enjoy.

The new 4 x 4 Off Roader is a new City set with exactly hundred and seventy six pieces that will be responsible for the off road vehicle, a small cart with lots of tools, two mini-figures (the pilot and a mechanic), a small fuel tank and an island with the Octan flag with a scorpion nearby.Lego-60115-4x4-Off Roader-city

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Lego City 2016 – The Official Set Boxes

Lego has begun to upload images of the new 2016 sets that, according to the latest news, will be available not in January but, gladly, before Christmas. Among them, there are for now pictures of some of the new city sets.

Among these nine, that you can see below, I must say that I have different feelings about them. The Garbage Truck (60118) is for me a complete disappointment and not even that front mechanism convinced me at all. On the contrary the Ambulance Plane (60116) looks really cool and I’m sure that it will certainly be a must in terms of

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