Lego 66522 – Deep Sea Explorer Super Pack

Recently I’ve seen this new city super pack on my local toysrus store. For those who especially enjoy this new city sub theme, it’s surely a nice opportunity to get the ends on four sets and spend some really nice hours of fun.

The set includes a total of almost eight hundred pieces and features two entry sets, the Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090) and the Deep Sea starter set (60091), the bigger deep Sea submarine (60092), and finally the head set, the Deep Sea Helicopter (60093). Globally, it brings five nice vehicles, eight mini-figures, most of them sea divers, and an endless number of nice accessories including three sharks.

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Lego 60092 – Deep Sea Submarine

The Deep Sea submarine is a 2015 City set that belongs to the Deep Sea Explorers’ sub theme, and will be available in the beginning of July. It brings exactly two hundred and seventy four pieces that are responsible for a pretty detailed yellow submarine, a small rock with a treasure chest, a shark and three mini-figures (two divers and the submarine’s pilot).

The yellow machine is a highly detailed submarine with lots of interesting features everywhere. It uses two big grey floaters that will not only help it when it’s time to came back to the surface but will also give the pilot an extra power when it’s time to move the sub in the deep ocean.

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Lego City – The first pictures of sub aquatic theme

Among the several news and videos that have been posted in the last couple of hours, I especially enjoyed the sub aquatic subtheme, published in brickset. The images, for now, are only from the set boxes but through them (and also in the video), it’s already possible to see what’s coming in terms of these city sets.

The entry set, Deep Sea Scuba Scooter (60090) shows a small scooter with a mini-figure and an Octopus, the starter set (60091) is a bit bigger and features a sub aquatic vehicle, three divers and a shark, and the submarine (60092) shows a really nice and detailed set with three mini-figures and lots of aquatic accessories.

The bigger ones, namely the Helicopter (60093) and the Exploration Vessel (60095) Continue reading