Lego 66521 – A new City construction Super Pack

For those who enjoyed the new City construction sets, here is a good opportunity to get a few of them and save some bucks at the same time. The new super pack brings three different sets from this year’s new wave and feature, as you can see,, five vehicles, nine mini-figures and lots of additional accessories to play with.

Among almost one thousand and four hundred pieces, the main attraction is the Demolition site (60076) that is clearly the biggest of this sub-theme and the other two are the Bulldozer (60074) and the smallest of the three, the Service Truck (60073).The vehicles consist in a big crane Continue reading

Lego 60076 – Demolition Site

The Demolition site is another city set that will be available next month. With exactly seven hundred and seventy six pieces, it is the biggest set of this new wave and features three construction vehicles (a loader, a truck and a demolition machine), five mini-figures (constructors with different suits) and an uncompleted building in ruins.

Besides these major elements the set brings also a wheel barrow, a traffic sign, a garbage can, and lots of additional accessories for the workers such as dynamite, additional bricks to load and unload and tools such as a pickaxe and an electric saw.

Don’t try to compare these three vehicles with Continue reading