Lego 66475 – A new City Super Pack

A new super pack with three city sets has arrived to retail in the past days in at least two different stores. With a total of eight hundred and thirteen pieces, the box features vehicles from different themes namely the new coast guard (Lego 60013), fire (60003) and Police (60007).

As you can see in the sex box picture, there are four different vehicles: the Coast Guard Helicopter, the fire emergency truck, a Police van and a nice red convertible. Besides these you also get a small house in flames, a police motorcycle, a windsurf board, a shark, lots of city accessories and nine (!!) mini-figures, three in each set.

Most of all, I think that this is a good opportunity Continue reading

Some High Quality Pictures of Police Sets

After the amazing pictures of the most recent city set, the 60009 Helicopter Arrest – I surely must buy this set! – , let me present you some more high definition pictures that are now gradually being released by Lego. The Police ATV (60007) and the Car Chase look now even more amazing than in the previous presentations.

Through the following images we can easily see amazing details not only in the mini-figures but surely in the vehicles. For instance it is possible to see that the new convertible of the car chase will have a sticker instead of a printed piece, which is in my opinion a negative point. On the other hand front bumpers have a different design for better, with that little black piece in the middle.

On the other hand, the Police Van is really impressive with those big wheels  Continue reading

Lego 60007 City – Car Chase

The High speed Chase is a great evolution of the 2011 Police chase, 3648. With about two hundred and fifty pieces, this thirty dollar set has three vehicles, a police motorcycle, a great police jeep, and a red convertible. Besides them, there are also three mini-figures: a robber with, finally, a new uniform, a police officer and an exclusive figure that is chase McCain, the main character of the Lego video game, Undercover. Talking about this one the set also brings included a special code to use in the game.

The Police Truck is different from the usual city cars, the one that I remember that is a bit like this is the Police pursuit forest truck (from the robber) but not so pretty as this one. With big wheels and a tough look, perhaps thanks to its height and to the big bar in front of the engine hood, the truck is also considerably large.

The windshield is rather different from the usual Continue reading

Lego City 2013- Police and Traffic Sets

The news and rumors about city theme continue. The Police and traffic sub themes apparently have some defined sets that will appear on the market next December. Looks like that are confirmed a Police Squad, a Police chase and a Museum Break-in in the Police environment. But as the year goes by I am sure that a couple more will appear.

On the other hand some great new vehicles will appear: a new tow truck, a fuel tanker and a Cement Mixer will substitute, competently we hope, the previous models. The Tow truck will be orange as the previous one and will have a dark red car as well as two mini-figures. (A typical twenty dollars set).The fuel tanker will apparently be smaller Continue reading