Some Lego Gift suggestions for next Christmas

First of all let me tell you that this is a highly subjective choice. There are thousands of different reasons and criteria to choose and make a small list like this one. My choice is based of course not only in my personal taste- as you’ll see the city is my favorite theme – but also somehow in some good value for money opportunities.

November is just arriving and with it many stores start to increase their offer in terms of available sets. I don’t pretend to make a top 10 and it might be a very unfair list, but I’m sure that the next 10 sets will provide some great moments of fun not only to the younger but overall to all the Lego fans.Have a look: Continue reading

Lego Creator 5771 – Hillside House


The Hillside House is an interesting Creator set with more than seven hundred pieces. And besides the three possible constructions it has many nice details and features. The building has two floors, there is a car with its respective garage, a garden with a lot of stuff and unfortunately only one mini-figure. In my opinion, two were the least expected in a set of almost seventy dollars.

The building uses large plates for its structure. Not only for the house but also for the huge garden which has the same area of the construction. The house is different from many others, not only in its look of course, but also in a big detail: It has walls and windows everywhere and the interior is field with several things, but they could be more, fore sure.It has a nice fireplace, at a corner, and some great ladders to the first floor. Continue reading