Lego 4644 – Marina

The Marina is definitely one of the most colored sets. It brings a lot of playability because:

  • it has a cafe that includes a coffee machine, wall menus and even an outside table to enjoy the view,
  • a lifeguard tower ,
  • a small 4×4 wheeler,
  • 5 mini figures (a diver , a life guard, a wind surfer , a boy and a girl)
  • A windsurfer shop
  • A nice boat with room for two passengers, besides the pilot
  • Two surfing boards
  • Lots of small parts such as flags, life jackets or small lamps
  • The bridge witch is high enough to let pass other boats

On the right side of the marine, there is a two floors building, with a windsurf shop and a cafe – Paradise Cafe – in the first floor. Here, there is also room enough for a small esplanade with two seats. Below in the shop we can find life jackets, surfing and windsurfing boards and a small cash register. Continue reading