Lego City 4431 – Ambulance

The ambulance, Lego 4431, is an excellent 2012 set, ideal to have in a town, near by a hospital or even a fire station. The set has the ambulance and lots of accessory parts such as a stretcher, a garbage can, a traffic light, a bicycle, a hydrant and medical kits (uuff…). Three mini figures are not common is this set’s size but this one brings them: two doctors and a cyclist. This set pretends to recreate a bicycle’s accident where the emergency ambulance is activated.

The ambulance has a great design, the cabin is slightly indented, giving the vehicle some aerodynamics. Besides that, it’s an ordinary cabin with small side doors that in my opinion are more realistic that those vehicles that don’t have it. In the roof, the blue lights are typical of this kind of vehicle.

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