Lego City 4429 – Hospital / Helicopter Rescue

Summer is near and with it, the details of the summer city sets are clearing. As it concerns to this set, 4429, the final result is not much different that the one that was presented here, last march. The main building is definitely small for a hospital and the green plate is not as big as the one presented in the older pictures. Curiously, I hit the number of mini-figures, released in the set.

They are four: a doctor, a patient, a pilot for the helicopter and a driver for the ambulance, which make me think that a nurse surely is needed in the set. Talking about the ambulance, it is rather small, especially if we compare it to the new 4431 (the difference is huge, I would say…). The patient hardly has space to lie on the stretcher. However, even smaller, it has a nice design, similar to some police vehicles.

The building has two floors and there is not much to add to the last review except a couple of details from the inside. Continue reading

Lego 2012 Summer Sets

Summer is getting closer, and with it, the photos of the Set boxes are becoming clearer and unmarked. Below there is a couple of new photos of the final versions of some of the summer releases. Star-wars, Ninjago, Monster Fighters and even the newest hospital 4429 are some of the available themes. Take a Look.

Star Wars has the major part. The Desert Skiff (9496), The Republic Striker-class Starfighetr (9497), Seasee Tiin’s Starfighter (9498), The Gungan Sub (9499), the interceptor (9500), the Melavolence (9515) and Pre Vizsla’s Mandalorian Fighter (9525) are the star wars sets that were recently revealed. Continue reading

Lego City 4429 Hospital – Preview

The new city hospital that will be available next 2012′ summer has been seen in Denmark. The set apparently has a small building that, in my opinion, looks more like a first aid medical center, a small ambulance (compared with the 4431, it is quite small) that looks like one of the police headquarters’ vehicles but with red pieces and sticks. The ambulance has a tipper door at the back and no side doors.

The building is very small for an hospital. By the pictures I can see the reception with, perhaps, a computer desk, plenty of glass and nothing more. My only doubt is if there is any kind of water machine in the ground floor. The first floor has the doctor’s room with some accessories and the area that will lead to the heliport. A final note, there is no kind of wall or windows at the back of the building.The heliport has some red marks and is placed above the garage, on the left side of the building. Continue reading