Lego City 4209 – Fire Plane

The Fire Plane is a 2012 set and is definitely more than a plain. Actually it is a very well designed hydroplane with lots of interesting features. The set has also a fire vehicle with a trailer, three mini figures (a fireman with an orange suit, a male pilot and a female fire pilot witch is quite unusual in fire sets), a big tree ready to be burned and finally lots of cargo to be dropped from the plain in order to extinguish the fire.

The hydroplane is the main character. First of all, it is big, specially the wings. The cabin has room for the two pilots, one of them controls the plain and the other coordinates the water discharge. The drop down tank is in the middle of the plain and the Cargo can be loaded through the plane’s roof (there is a dump door for that effect) and the unload over the fire flames is activated through a side arm that opens the trapdoor.

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