Lego City 5001134 – Mining Collection Pack

Those who really enjoy the Mine collection, released this year, will soon have the possibility to buy the main sets in a single pack. If you can afford it, two hundred dollars will be enough to purchase a package that contains five individual sets, on which the mine (Lego 4202) has a special highlight because in terms of size is surely the biggest.

The pack has also other four interesting sets: the little 4×4 Mining (Lego 4200) which is always a good addition to a town, the gigantic Mining Truck that according to its size won’t be able to move on the city roads, the excavator transporter (4203) with a very long truck and a competent excavator and finally the Load and Tipper (4201) with two small but interesting mining vehicles.

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Lego City 4204 The Mine – Preview

The Mine is a set that will be released in the second half of 2012.  This will be perhaps the biggest city’s set released this year because it will have almost seven hundred and fifty pieces, four or maybe five mini-figures and plenty of playability. The several photos available in the web show plenty of features as well as a huge diversity of vehicles.

Starting by the vehicles, this set has a green tipper truck with a big trailer, a drilling machine that will wear the rocks, a train with a small wagon that will transport the rubbish and the big stones out of the mine and a small wheelbarrow. But the fun doesn’t end here because, besides them, there is a crain that will deliver all the gold and ore on the trailer’s truck. The yellow train is small but quite, its wheels are really small and the wagon is able to transport a good quantity of gold. Continue reading