Lego City 5001134 – Mining Collection Pack

Those who really enjoy the Mine collection, released this year, will soon have the possibility to buy the main sets in a single pack. If you can afford it, two hundred dollars will be enough to purchase a package that contains five individual sets, on which the mine (Lego 4202) has a special highlight because in terms of size is surely the biggest.

The pack has also other four interesting sets: the little 4×4 Mining (Lego 4200) which is always a good addition to a town, the gigantic Mining Truck that according to its size won’t be able to move on the city roads, the excavator transporter (4203) with a very long truck and a competent excavator and finally the Load and Tipper (4201) with two small but interesting mining vehicles.

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Lego City 4202 – Mining Truck Preview

The Mining truck is everything except a city truck. It is big big big, very big. I guess it can be easily confused with some creator or Technique Set. It is fourteen dots wide which is absolutely abnormal in city sets. If you take a look at a picture you will notice that it is more than twice the high of the mini-figure (By the way, it is a miner as it would be expected).

Its wheels are higher than the miner and this fellow whenever wants to reach the cabin, he has to climb a ladder that is in the front of the truck. The cabin curiously has the size of an average city vehicle: four dots wide. A wheel and a chair are present (where is the old good red cop of coffee?) and the cabin is basically composed by glass.Next to the cabin, there is room for some tools and accessories that are also in other mining sets: Continue reading