Some Lego Gift suggestions for next Christmas

First of all let me tell you that this is a highly subjective choice. There are thousands of different reasons and criteria to choose and make a small list like this one. My choice is based of course not only in my personal taste- as you’ll see the city is my favorite theme – but also somehow in some good value for money opportunities.

November is just arriving and with it many stores start to increase their offer in terms of available sets. I don’t pretend to make a top 10 and it might be a very unfair list, but I’m sure that the next 10 sets will provide some great moments of fun not only to the younger but overall to all the Lego fans.Have a look: Continue reading

Lego City 5001134 – Mining Collection Pack

Those who really enjoy the Mine collection, released this year, will soon have the possibility to buy the main sets in a single pack. If you can afford it, two hundred dollars will be enough to purchase a package that contains five individual sets, on which the mine (Lego 4202) has a special highlight because in terms of size is surely the biggest.

The pack has also other four interesting sets: the little 4×4 Mining (Lego 4200) which is always a good addition to a town, the gigantic Mining Truck that according to its size won’t be able to move on the city roads, the excavator transporter (4203) with a very long truck and a competent excavator and finally the Load and Tipper (4201) with two small but interesting mining vehicles.

Is it a good deal? Continue reading

Lego City 4200: Mining 4X4 – Preview

The Mining 4×4 will be in the market next summer and will be a nice acquisition not only for the mine (4204) but also to any town. It has a mini-figure, a miner, with a nice and unusual heat, and lots of tools and accessories. In terms of playability, it has plenty of features not only for the mine, but to play with it as a car. Children will love it.

This 4X4 has an ordinary structure with a raised chassis, typical of these cars. I haven’t built it yet but I bet that it will have some minor pieces of different colors on the interior which is a Lego’s tendency and I think that this won’t be different. The front is more aerodynamic than usual, and has a red bar that intends to protect the engine as well as it will be a help in case of being towed.The cabin is similar to many other city vehicles; it has a steering wheel, two side doors but apparently does not have a seat for the driver. Continue reading