Lego 41310 – Heartlake Gift Delivery

The Heartlake Gift delivery is a new Friends set that will be available next January. This twenty dollars set exactly two hundred and eighty five pieces and features a small gift shop with plenty of glass, a delivery van, with lots of different colors, a few additional elements such a mail box, a cart or, three gift boxes and a small stand, and Stephanie to manage the business.

The small store is effectively really small. The store front is built up a 12×4 plate and shows lots of glass with two columns on the edges and inside it is possible to see a cash register, some small gifts to sell, a balance and some small accessories. Outside three’s a board with the prices and a small publicity outdoor on the

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Lego 2017 Friends Sets – The First Wave

Just like Technic, the new Friends sets have also been surfing in the internet, showing all the news that will shortly be available on stores. The long sets list includes fifteen new boxes with sizes and prices for every taste.

The list is composed by the Puppy Championship (41300), the Puppy Parade (41301), the Puppy Salon (41302), a Puppy Playground (41303), Puppy Treats & Tricks (41304), Emma’s Photo Studio (41305), Mia’s Beach Bike (41306), Olivia’s Inventor Lab (41307), Stephanie’s Bakery (41308), Andrea’s Show (41309), Heartlake Gift Delivery (41310), Heartlake Pizzeria (41311), Heartlake Sports Center (41312), Heartlake Summer Pool (41313) and finally Stephanie’s House (41314).lego-friends-41300-41301-41302-41303-41304-41305-41306-41307-41308-41309-41310-41311-41312-41313-41314

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