Lego Friends – Summer Set Official Images

Just like Disney Princess, the Friends summer sets have also appeared in Amazon, showing eight of the sets that will make part of the new summer wave. And in this sample, there are sets for every tastes and wallets, and I only regret the fact of not seeing the new Roller Coaster.

The new sets are: Foal Washing Station (41123), Puppy Daycare (41124), Vet Horse Trailer (41125), Heartlake Horse Riding Club (41126), Amusement Park Arcade (41127), Amusement Park Space Ride (41128), Amusement Park Hot Dog Stand (41129) and Amusement Park Bumper Cars (41133).lego-41133-friendsThe sets should be available next Continue reading

Lego 41128 – Amusement Park Space Ride

Next summer, the Amusement Park will surely present some new awesome sets and this Space Ride will definitely be one of them. This new Friends set has exactly hundred and ninety five pieces and features a carousel with three space ships, a small ticket sale stand that includes an ice cream cart and Olivia as the single mini-doll.

I like this carousel! It’s quite simple but it shows a great touch of playability and it will fit perfectly, as a good complement, nearby, for instance, the new roller coaster. Built upon a purple base it has a simple technic structure that not only is responsible for the rotation mechanism but also holds the planes to the carousel.Lego-41128-Amusement-Park-Space-Ride-friends

The central tower is Continue reading