Lego City 3661 – Bank and Money Transfer

The City bank is a 2011 set and is surely indispensable in every town. It has the two floors building that includes an ATM, a police vehicle, a realistic collector’s van, a motorcycle, four mini figures (a policeman , a thief, a transporter and a business woman) and plenty of accessories that includes four money bags, two small safety deposit boxes, a bag for the thief and the usual officer’s walkie talkie.

Starting by the Van, it looks quite robust and “cubic”, typical of this kind of vehicles where safety is the most important thing. Until certain point it has a standard building, similar to other police vehicles. The values’ compartment is big, and is basically divided in two parts. One with four small divisions for the money bags and the left space, near the side door, is for the deposit boxes. As it would be expectable the rear parts have no kind of windows. Continue reading