Lego Friends 3315 – Olivia’s House

Olivia’s House is the biggest 2012 set of the friends’ theme. With almost seven hundred pieces it will surely delight the girls that love Lego. The set has, besides the house, three figures (Peter, Ana and Olivia – yes, this time there is a boy), and a bunch of features and accessories all around building.

The building, as in all Friends’ sets has no back wall, but instead of the creator’s house which interiors are rather empty, this house is full field with all the comfort and luxury that are necessary in a house. The first example is the living room, with a flat TV of forty inches, two nice sofas and a center table. Even the small picture in the corner was not forgotten.Next to the living room, in the ground floor, there is a nice kitchen which is at the same time the house’s entry. Continue reading