Lego Friends 3063 – Heartlake Flying Club

The Heartlake Flying Club is a new friends’ set that will available soon. With almost two hundred pieces, it’s a good entry set for the girls because for about twenty dollars they will get a nice plain (actually it is a hydro plain…) a mini doll (Stephanie), a nice boarding dock and an information deck that will give all the help for the many plain flights.

The small plain, which is the core of the set, is very fast and easy to build and uses most of the known features and pieces (especially of the city sets), combined with all the colors that are typical of the theme. The cockpit has room for Stephanie and for something more. I wonder what will happen when she starts making some loops.The wings are separated pieces that are consistently attached to the main body of the plain and the landing gear is rather similar to the seaplane 3178, only this time the gliders are a bit fatter. Continue reading