Lego Minecraft – The Fortress (21127) Official Pictures

Official pictures of the new Minecraft set, The Fortress, have been published on British Amazon, showing a pretty interesting set with lots of nice details in a total of almost one thousand pieces that will also includes six figures: three skeletons, Steve with a golden armor, a horse and a sheep.

In addition, and as main features, the fortress includes a few large doors with a pressure plate, watchtowers, a few windows with bars, cannons, water areas, farm and even a prison with an opening function of the

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Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 – Round Two

A lot of new pictures about the summer wave of Lego sets have been surfing in the internet over the past new hours, once again thanks to Zusammengebaut, showing plenty of amazing new sets! Most part of the themes has been covered, but there are a couple where the detail is definitely bigger.

Without forgetting the others, my full attention went to City and all its great new sets with especial relevance for the new Gas Station (60132 – waiting for the set a long time….) and the Fun Park (60134) which is a pretty useful sets for those who want unusual city accessories and mini-figures (I’ve counted fifteen!!)lego-city-60132

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