Lego Scooby-Doo Theme in 2015?

In the past hours, some serious rumors have been circulating in the net mentioning that we’ll have a new theme next year, based on the Scooby-Doo Cartoons, and personally I must say that it brings me automatically a lot of good memories with so many hours passed in front of the TV.

First on Brickset forums, then on hothbricks, with a few more consistent details, it seems that the new theme has already a schedule release date, planned for the beginning of next June and will feature in a first round four new sets, including the Mystery Van that Scooby-doo, Fred and all the others used to travel, and also a Haunted house.

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Lego Jurassic World – Coming soon…

It’s not so soon as you could be probably expecting, but it looks like that it will be in the beginning of next year. A Eurobrick Member, Hulk_Smash has posted it as the result of a preliminary access to a retail catalogue.

There are no images, prices, number of sets or any other kind of detail of this new Lego theme for now, but it seems that after the 2012 Dino theme, this looks like an excellent addition for the dinosaurs fans. I’m sure that soon we’ll hear some more about these guys… ...Continue Reading...

Lego The Hobbit 2015 – Three new sets for Christmas…

Three images of the new Hobbit wave have been available in the internet for a couple of hours allowing seeing what’s coming in terms of new sets. By Lego request, the images have been gradually removed from everywhere, but gladly, it was already possible to enjoy several details.

The three sets have distinct sizes being the smallest, the Witch King Battle (79015) an entry set with around hundred bricks that include a small fortress and three mini-figures (Elrond, Galadriel, and the Witch-king of Angmar). Rumors mention a retail price around the fifteen dollars.

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Lego City 2015 – The First Rumors! – updated

The first 2015 city sets have been posted in eurobricks and following the last tendencies looks like that a new Police wave is being prepared for next Christmas. As always, these news should be treated as a rumor giving only the relative importance that it deserves.

Looking at the list below which features six new Police sets, the officers will definitely pass sometime inside the water. The set names look a bit similar in some cases, giving the idea that probably won’t be the final version. Some of them, namely the ATV or the Helicopter clearly look an upgrade of the existing models, however the Crook shelter or the Water Police seem to bring some innovation to the theme (if still possible…).

Have a look at the six as well as its set range:

60065 Police ATV

60066 Police Transport Hovercraft Continue reading