New Lego Summer Set Pictures

Lego news were quite well represented in Toy Fair Nuremberg. Besides the city sets, that were mentioned on previous posts, there were also some really great models of other themes. Through some pictures that have appeared in internet it’s already possible to see all the details of some of the new Lego Sets.

The new theme, Ultra Agents, showed among other the big Mission HQ, a highly detailed truck with more than a thousand bricks and continuing with big set the girls will absolutely be pleased with the fantastic Heart Lake Shopping center.

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Lego 2014 Summer Sets – The first pictures

Pictures of several summer sets have appeared today in the internet probably from a retail catalog. As they’re confidential I won’t post them but you can have a look at it right here. Some of the images are already quite satisfactory to have the first impressions and I must say that I’m quite excited about new trains that are coming up.

The new high speed passengers train (60051), at the first glance, makes remember the older 7897, passenger train, with plenty of aerodynamic and white shades and one of its pictures reveals a new set that I haven’t seen mentioned before: a new railway level crossing.

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The 2014 Summer Wave of Sets – updated with set details

The New Year’s Day has been quite interesting in terms of news. An extensive set list including the most part of the Lego themes has been surfing in the internet with plenty of great presentations. For now it’s only a rumor, but is definitely a rumor full of consistency.

This new list presents sets of nine different themes with especial relevance for the return of Agents with four new sets, for now. Creator shows only a single but quite interesting set, a bicycle shop and café! On the other hand the City sets promise to empty my wallet. Besides the new Artic subtheme, there will be two new trains (YESSS!!!) and a new railway station, not having for now any fire or new great vehicle sets.

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Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 2014 – The First Pick

The first snapshot of the next wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle sets has been surfing in the internet. The image for now isn’t the best but it is already possible to see the four Ninja Turtles and also a couple of the news sets.

The two new sets in the picture seem to be the Mutation Chamber Unleashed (79119) and the Turtle Sub Undersea chase (79121) and show in the first case a big chamber with yellow walls and in the second a powerful machine with a huge cannon and lots of action. The mini-figures aren’t very clear but I think that is possible to see a few new guys (Bytez Spider, one of the villains of the TMNT, for instance) in action.

Have a look at the complete list:

79115 – Turtle Van Takedown

79116 – Big Rig Snow Getaway

79117 – Turtle Lair Invasion Continue reading

Lego City – The first pics of the 2014 sets

A couple of pics extracted from a booklet pdf have been surfing in the internet and despite the average resolution we can fortunately see what it’s coming up next not only in terms of new police sets bur also in terms of great vehicles.

The police sets are globally an upgrade of the existing ones, with a few interesting details, such as the prisoners’ escape in the big Police Station (60047), the green vehicle and the robber hideout (sort off…) of the helicopter surveillance (60046) or even the couple of boats of the river police patrol (60045).

On the other hand, the great vehicles bring in this new Continue reading