An overview about the sets on sale in 2013

Yesterday, an Italian Lego catalog has been uncovered on Brickset and I found it extremely interesting because it shows not only the first wave of the new 2013 sets but also those that were launched on previous years and will remain on sale. Themes such as the Lone Ranger or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are not covered yet.

The city theme keeps a bunch of known sub-themes such as the forest police, the space, the forest firemen, the mine and even the “old” passenger and cargo trains. As it concerns to new sets, it is already possible to have a look at almost all the new police and fire sets. Still about city two questions crossed my mind. First where is the car parking 4207 and wasn’t the train station 7937 out of the market?

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Lego legends of Chima – The 2013 Summer Set List

The new theme hasn´t start bombing on stores and the second wave of sets has already been revealed. According to Brickpedia there will be five new sets and seven (!!) new speedorz, in addition to the already existing extensive set list. The theme is not on the top of my priorities but I must confess that most of the sets have really very nice details and features.

Talking about the news, there will be a Twin Bike, a Gorila Striker, a Temple and a Swamp Hideout. These last two look pretty interesting because until the moment there were no king of building or structures in the theme, only vehicles, and if it is confirmed with further pictures they will surely be some great additions.

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Lego Star Wars 2013 – A possible set list for summer releases

The Spanish forum Hispalug has recently commented a possible list for the second wave of star wars sets. If it’s true, there will be eight new sets with a range between 75015 and 75022. At the moment it’s only a rumor but according to the comments, the source is rather trustful and if they’re true, there will be some sets inspired in the clone wars series.

I must confess that I’m not one the most enthusiastic fans of this theme but I guess it’s always pleasant to see such a quantity of releases for a theme on a single year. If you’re really interested of what is coming up next year, have a look at the following list.

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Lego Star Wars 2013 Summer Sets – Let the Rumors Begin

The new 2013 winter sets from star wars are not even released and the Swedish forum has posted some information about the second wave of sets for next year. It’s seems that among others we’ll see a Jabba Sailbarge, a AT-TE and a Republic GunShip, unfortunately and according to the user, very similar to the previous 6210.

As you possible remember, only a few weeks ago, the last unknown set of winter releases, the 75014 – Battle of Hoth, was finally revealed, so it’s kind of strange to see some further information of summer sets.

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Lego Castle 2013

Many of you surely sure miss this theme which has been released in 1975 for the first time and unfortunately last year only had a new set, despite of some other 2010 and 2011 sets, such as the Mill Village Ride or even the King’s Castle are still on the market.

According to some rumors in the internet, at least five new sets are planned to be out next summer. It’s a pity that August is very far but that’s surely better than nothing. The list below gives us some clues but unfortunately that’s surely not enough. I’m quite hopeful that Kings Castle will be amazing but for now it’s just a hint.

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