Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – It’s Time for Technic, Creator and Dakar

These three themes, Technics, Creator and Dakar (this one isn’t properly a Lego Theme…) were also quite well represented in Oeiras Brincka, last weekend. Creator had some 2012 sets and a few older ones, with special relevance for some houses. Some of the 3×1 sets had the three buildings possibilities side by side which, I think, is very interesting to see and at the same time a bit unusual.

In terms of houses I especially liked the 2012 model, seaside house (7346), which for me is one of the prettiest buildings of creator over the last years. There were also some planes, a few trucks and even the Lighthouse Island which was also mounted as a little workshop.Having a look at the technic, Continue reading

Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – A few event shots about City, Farm, Trains and a Football Stadium

Oeiras has received this weekend (26-28th April) the Largest Lego fun event in Portugal. The Leões of Port salvo sports Arena with more than 1300 square meters looked pretty small to show such a huge quantity of environments, creations, and regular sets of several themes such as the city, friends, technics, star wars and Mindstorms among others.

I‘ll divide this review in a few posts with the purpose of presenting three or four themes on each one. The first post will show a sort of best off of the city, farm, a few trains and a great football stadium.

Having a look about the presence of City theme, Continue reading

London Toy Fair 2013 – Some Additional Considerations

In the last few days, a lot new information came out from the 2013 Toy fair in London. There is a lot of new stuff coming up very soon, some of them I’ve spoken about it a couple of days ago, however there are some new great details or features that I would like to highlight about the new sets.

And there is surely plenty to look to. Starting for instance for the Friends, the Dolphin Cruiser (41015) will be a pleasant surprise built mostly with white and pink, and surprise (!!) this set will bring a boy which is absolutely new! The other big friends’ set of this new wave, the HeartLake High will be a yellow and blue building representing a school.There are also some great appointments about Star Wars. Continue reading

Toy Fair 2013 – the first thoughts of the Lego presentations

The first day of the 2013 London Toy Fair finally arrived and with it, Lego has shown a bunch of great new sets that will arrive next summer. Unfortunately, it was not allowed to take any picture which is perfectly understandable, so all the anxiety about new live details will remain a few more time.

All the new themes were present and today, the visitors could confirm how much they will spend on stores in the next months. Below you will find a detailed list of all the sets and respective prices.

However, there are a few considerations or notes that people could observe in loco Continue reading

The New 2013 Lego Keychains

The new 2013 Lego Keychains’ list has been surfing in the internet and the news are really great. Almost all the new keychains are based on the new themes with special highlights for the Ninja Turtles that will have each one its own model.

I’m curious about some of them, namely the Golden Ninja – despite this mini-figure being already in the temple of light (70505) an in the golden Dragon (70503) – and the Lone Ranger mini-figures perhaps because that this is a theme that not only hasn’t been released but also because that there are no detailed or high quality pictures about them, until the moment.

There aren’t, yet, any available pictures from them and for now have a look at, so far, the complete list Continue reading