Lego Seasonal 10222 – Winter Village Post Office

First of all, these seasonal winter sets have, perhaps, one of the most beautiful boxes in entire Lego. They combine winter, snow (and sometimes the Christmas), a little village environment and at the same time, plenty of color and movement, all in the same picture. This set has, besides the post office, a post van, typical of the first half of the last century, a bandstand and seven! Mini-figures: two post workers (that includes the driver), two musicians, and three citizens (I especially like the guy with the big hood).

The van is surely very beautiful. The only coincident part with the traditional vehicles is the naked chassis. Further that point, it is all different. The engine, at the front, is long and straight, and it has a rough grill. Even the bumper is a thin bar at the front, with the license plat placed at the corner.The cab uses the traditional side doors and the windshield is simply two straight classes that together with a strategic small yellow piece hold the roof. Continue reading