Lego 10249 – Winter Toy Shop

What might be great news for some will surely be a big disappointment for many others. The new seasonal Lego set, the Winter Toy Shop, is nothing more than a re-release of the 2009 model, Winter Village Toy shop (10199), which despite all its nice details, is personally very disappointing.

I know that it’s a second chance for those who missed the opportunity a few years ago, but I have always a special curiosity every year about this specific release and the last thing that I was expecting was a full copy (with the exception of the price) of this older model.

The set has around nine hundred Continue reading

Lego 10199 – Winter Village Toy Shop

The Village Toy shop is a nice winter set. All the color, the environment and the extensive features and details makes this set a must for any town. The main attraction is obviously the building but the big tree also has a good part of the highlights, not only because of its beauty but also because of its size.

The shop is a nice village house, based on wood colors and some nice white roofs. I talk in plural because the house is clearly divided in two parts where the bigger tower, in the first floor is truly a nice work-shop with a bunch of tools and accessories, some of them quite unusual, to fix the kids’ toys and bring all the Christmas happiness.The ground floor is rather decent in my opinion. Continue reading