Lego 60198 – Cargo Train

This is probably my favorite set of this next wave! The new Cargo Train set is absolutely a popular model with lots of staff to enjoy and play with and at the first glance, this one seems to be on the same level, not only with different carriages but most of all, it will be one of the trains that will show the new power functions kit as well as the app controls.

The set has exactly one thousand and two hundred and twenty-six pieces and features a new green locomotive, the usual three cargo carriages, a control tower with a big cabin on top, an armored truck with values and money inside, a traditional orange forklift, and six mini-figures (four workers, a robber and the van’s driver) with accessories. And of course, the usual rail tracks, this time with an always useful level cross and a new end line for the train.

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Lego Disney BrickHeadz – Official Pictures

The official images of three new Disney BrickHeadz sets have been revealed, in addition to the long BrickHeadz set list of this year. There are two from Frozen subtheme and a two pack set from Mermaid.

The sets are Ariel and Urlusa with (41623/361pieces) from Mermaid and Elsa (41617/130 pieces) and Anna/Olaf (41618/201 pieces) from Frozen. Just like the rest of the wave, these will presumably be available shortly with prices between the ten and twenty dollars, depending of they have one or two figures.

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Lego 41350 – Spinning Brushes Car Wash

The Spinning Brushes Car Wash is a Friends set that will make part of the new wave of releases, next month. It has exactly three hundred and twenty three pieces and features a colored car wash station, a small racing car, a car launcher, and the usual two mini-dolls that this time are Mia and Zack with the traditional accessories.

And this is definitely a set with some great playability. The station is basically divided on three parts: the entrance with a nice outdoor on top, a small store in the middle with a glass door and the wash machine on the opposite side.

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The Bugatti Chiron (42083) was officially revealed

These are definitely great news! The new Bugatti Chiron, a Technic set with three thousand and six hundred pieces was unveiled by Lego and according to the online store, it’s already available for purchase (around three hundred and fifty bucks)!

With an awesome color scheme with several blue shades, this  1:8 sclase model shows an endless list of features from which I would like to highlifgt the active rear wing, some nice spoked rims with low-profile tires, the detailed brake discs and a W16 engine with moving pistons that also includes a unique serial number.

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New Polybags Found!

Five new Xtra Polybags are now available on retail. At the first glance, they feature some nice and useful accessories that can be used on several themes, namely City, Friends or even Creator for instance.

They don’t have properly a name, but it’s quite simple to identify their subthemes: Food and drink, Bicycles, Traffic, Street and garden. Despite have different pieces counts ( between twenty one and forty six), each one of them should retail around the four bucks, which is a very attractive price to get some extra elements that aren’t very easy to find sometimes.

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