Ninjago Summer Sets

Having a look to Ninjago, the list is not as extensive as Friends for instance but in the next months, there will be at least six new sets with plenty of vehicles, creatures, buildings and great mini-figures to enjoy.

Looking at the six news, it is pretty hard not to follow the trend the bigger, the better. The Dragon Lair, an awesome set with more than sixteen hundred pieces is absolutely awesome but the other options will surely delight the fans.

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Lego Friends Summer Sets

What a great batch of Summer Sets. The new Friends sets list contains eleven new sets with the usual color, fun and playability. There are sets for every taste and wallets and even the new advent Calendar can also be observed.

The Heart Lake City Resort and the Kart stand seem awesome at the first glance, despite the bad quality of the pictures, but the others look also pretty cool. The sets should be available next June with prices between the ten and seventy dollars.

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Lego Creator Summer Sets

The day has been particularly rich in terms of news or revelations about the second wave of 2018 Lego sets. Let’s have a look at Creator that has anticipated four new 3×1 sets whose images were release in the French Amazon.

The set list reveals for now the Universe full of Surprises (31077), the Cruise Adventures  (31083), the Pirates Rollercoaster (31084) and finally the Stunt Truck Transporter (31085), four medium size sets with prices between the forty and one hundred bucks.

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Lego 75198 – Tatooine Battle Pack

Here’s a nice opportunity to get some extra Star wars stuff without having to spend much money.  Obviously, it’s not the most interesting Star Wars set but it´s absoluitely a pretty colored entry option.

The Tatooine Battle Pack has around hundred pieces and presents a small service vehicle with a couple of interesting features, four mini-figures (Tusken Raider, a couple of different Jawas and an Astromech Droid) with the traditional accessories and a bunch of blue studs for the weapons.

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Lego BrickHeadz – The Official Pictures of Tactical Batman & Superman

Official images of two more Justice League heroes have been seen in a Russian website, giving a pretty good idea of these two new characters. And looking at the images, I would say that they look pretty nice, even for me I’m not a big fan of these guys.

Tactical Batman and SuperMan (41610) which were already know for a while, should have just like most part of these sets, around two hundred and forty pieces and will presumably  retail soon with a price around the twenty bucks.

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