Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – It’s Time for Technic, Creator and Dakar

These three themes, Technics, Creator and Dakar (this one isn’t properly a Lego Theme…) were also quite well represented in Oeiras Brincka, last weekend. Creator had some 2012 sets and a few older ones, with special relevance for some houses. Some of the 3×1 sets had the three buildings possibilities side by side which, I think, is very interesting to see and at the same time a bit unusual.

In terms of houses I especially liked the 2012 model, seaside house (7346), which for me is one of the prettiest buildings of creator over the last years. There were also some planes, a few trucks and even the Lighthouse Island which was also mounted as a little workshop.Having a look at the technic, which I must confess, I’m not the biggest fan, it was also rather well represented. In the extended gallery, at the end, you will find a bunch of F1 racing cars, Ferraris, caterpillars, trucks and much more.

Finally the Dakar, that had a small section with a lot of different trucks, racing cars and much more. There were some vehicles, namely some trucks that were clearly quite easy to build (some of them look vintage,) but on the other hand there were some that were pretty nice detailed. In terms of regular sets, I found just one, the 2012 model 4433 – the dirty Bike Transporter.

Please have a look at the gallery and enjoy some great moments of this event:

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