Oeiras BRInCKa Lego 2013 in Portugal – Continuing with Star Wars and Space

Star Wars, Space and some other nice MOC’s were also present in Oeiras, last weekend. There was nothing particularly new in terms of new sets but is always a pleasure to see models like the big death star (10188), the millennium falcon (10179) and the B-Wing Starfighter as well as some nice creations. Yoda as you can see in the galley was definitely pretty accurate!

Having a look at the space presentations, there was a mix among great scenarios, older regular sets and vintage models. It was nice to review old models with more than twenty years such as the Galactic Mediator (6894), a lunar base with tall buildings and lots of space vehicles, and the old Alpha from the TV series Space: 1999.

There was also a huge creation of a big fortress in a desert area where the space patrol fought the big enemy.  And I must say that the blue space patrol was well served in terms of armament because besides the dozens of soldiers they also had a bunch of tanks, cannons and also a few space craft’s.

Finally, there were also some other themes, present with a minor expression, but at the same time keeping the usual beauty such as the monster fighters (this one for instance showed a few great MOc’s), cars or even the 2009 Pharaoh’s Quest.  Have a detailed look in the extended gallery:

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