Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 – News and Pictures (updated)

Just as London Toy Fair reaches its last day, in Nuremberg everything seems to be ready for the big day (next 27th, tomorrow)! Most part of the set list was already known for a while but it’s always pleasant to see the first pictures of them.

In London, the photos were not allowed but it seems that is not the case in Nuremberg, according to the number of reference sites and Facebook posts where we can find them. And looking to the first images, the summer wave will be definitely in a high level! As an addition, and in terms of news, it seems that a new Mini-figures Series is conformed based on the German Football team. Can’t wait to see them!lego-60120-60121-60122-60123-60214-city-volcano

The Volcano city subtheme confirms the lime color and a lot of vehicles and action to enjoy and the Technic fans will surely have to prepare their wallets for the big Bucket Wheel Excavator (42055) and the Claas Xerion 5000 (42054). Nexo Knights has also a bunch of new sets to play with and finally I’m must say that I’m especially curious about the new Friends roller coaster (41130).

Have a look at the pictures:

Nexo Knightsnexo-knights-summer-nuremberg-toy-fair-lego-2016

42055 – Bucket Wheel Excavatorlego-42055-excavator-technic-1lego-42055-excavator-technic


42054 – Claas Xerion 5000 Tractorlego-42054-claas-xerion-5000-technic

41130 – Amusement Park Rollercoasterlego-friends-41130-amusment-parl-roller-coaster

21030 – United States Capitol Buildinglego-21030-capitol-architecture

21029 – Buckingham Palacelego-21029-buckingham -palace-architecture

76057- Web Warrior Bridge Battle76057-web-warrior-bridge-battle

Via Zusammengebaut

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