New Polybags from Star Wars, City, Friends, Super Heroes, Creator and Legends of Chima

If you’re a polybag fan or collector, here is an extensive list of polybags that will come out this year, some of them we’re already seen on stores. The Legend of Chima is the most represented theme so far with five little sets with mini-figures from all tribes and all of them bring the precious Chi piece.

The Friends, as always, bring a lot of color and fun for the girls and in the available three I especially enjoyed the little ice cream stand. The City so far has two interesting fire additions which are a little fire car and a speedboat, and a small police helicopter.Creator has also two small new bags, a helicopter and a little eagle. On the other hand, Star Wars will present the fans four (!!) new sets that are a Republic Frigate, a gauntlet, the Z-95 Headhunter and the Unbarron MHC. Finally the super heroes with Robin and Redbird Cycle and Iron Man against Fighting Drone.

Have a look at the complete list from the most recent polybags:


    • Lego 30106 – Ice Cream Stand
    • Lego 30107 – Birthday Party
    • Lego 30108 – Summer Picnic

Legends of Chima

    • Lego 30251 – Winzar’s Pack Patrol
    • Lego 30252 – Crug’s Swamp Jet
    • Lego 30253 – Leonidas’ Jungle Dragster
    • Lego 30254 – Razcal’s Double-Crosser
    • Lego 30255 – Crawley


    • Lego 30220 – Fire Speedboat
    • Lego 30221 – Fire Car


    • Lego 30184 – Little Helicopter
    • Lego 30185 – Little Eagle

Star Wars

    • Lego 30240 – Z-95 Headhunter
    • Lego 30241 – Gauntlet
    • Lego 30242 – Republic Frigate
    • Lego 30243 – Umbarran MHC

Super Heroes

    • Lego 30166 – Robin and Redbird Cycle
    • Lego 30167 – Iron Man vs Fighting Drone


    • Lego 30066 – Circus


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