New Lego City and Ninjago Battle Packs

Three new battle packs (one from Ninjago and two from city) were seen recently on stores, constituting an alternative (and rather expensive!) way of getting additional or new mini-figures as well as its tools or accessories. Fifteen dollars is what they cost (each one, of course) and all of them bring four mini-figures.

The Ninjago pack (850632) has exactly thirty six pieces and the mini-figures are a Stone Warrior and a Scout, and two Ninjas, more exactly, Jay ZX and Zane ZX. Besides them, there is also a small platform to store their weapons.Lego Battle Pack city 850617 1024x643 New Lego City and Ninjago Battle PacksThe City packs are two, one from the Police (850617) and another from the fire sub-theme (850618). The fire pack, with forty three pieces has three firemen (I guess that one of them is a lady)and the chief with a nice white shirt and a red tie, as well as a bunch of tools such as a gray garbage can, two mega-phones, two extinguishers and some blue water pieces to cool down the fire flames.

Lego Battle Pack ninjago 850632  1024x684 New Lego City and Ninjago Battle Packs

Finally the Police, with thirty four pieces, brings four new officers (one of them a lady) with some great blue suits, a dog and a white bone, a small white barrier and of course the usual bunch of accessories that include two walkie-talkies, two lights, a couple of handcuffs and even a big shotgun.Lego Battle Pack fire 850618 1024x653 New Lego City and Ninjago Battle PacksAll of them are quite interesting, being an excellent addition to existing sets or even collection. The unfortunately is not the best having a cost per piece above the thirty (!!) cents.

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