New HD Pictures of Fire Sets

Recently Lego has brought out some new pictures with better resolution of many city sets including the fire sets that were previously reviewed. If you missed them, you can check it clicking here. Although many of them are the same, definitely there are some details that now can be observed with better detail.

There is for instance a new angle of the emergency truck showing pretty well the cab and the front part of the truck, in the 60002, fire truck, there is now a better angle of all the features at the back, namely all the water pressure manometers and on the other hand only this time I observed that in the motorcycle, the extinguisher is placed in an usual place hold by its neck.

Globally all the details shadows or reflexes are now better presented. Have a look at pictures not only the emergency truck (60003), above, but also all the ones below including the extended gallery:

60000 – Fire Motorcycle

60001 – Fire Chief Car

60002 – Fire Truck

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