Lego Ultra Agents Set Boxes

Pictures of the new Ultra Agents Sets have been surfing in the internet, probably from the latest Nuremberg Toy Fair. The quality isn’t the best for now but I guess that it’s already possible to see some new extra details that until know weren’t so clear.

The boxes present a nice dark color shade as a background and through the images it is possible to see that the Hurricane Heist (70164) is definitely bigger that initially looked and on the other hand the Toxikita’s Toxic Meltdown (70163) brings an additional element which looks some sort of communication center.

Unfortunately the head set (the Mission HQ ) is not present and at the opposite edge the entry set (71060) features a really nice ATV! Enjoy the details:

Lego 70160 – Riverside Raid

Lego 70161 – Tremor Track Infiltration

Lego 70162 – Infearno-Interception

Lego 70163 – Toxikita’s-Toxic-Meltdown

Lego 70164 – Hurricane Heist

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