Lego 10216 – Winter Village Bakery

This is another winter set with a huge beauty. It is composed by the building, the bakery, a small stand, a nice garden, all covered with snow, and a small wagon moved by a horse. All this, in almost seven hundred pieces and seven and a half mini-figures. The half part is the one that respect to the guy who is stuck in a big snow ball.

As I mentioned in other occasions, I love the spirit of this theme: Winter, a village environment, Christmas and plenty of color, all mixed gives a great set. The Bakery is a very interesting and beautiful building. Starting by the end, the roof, it is all white, with plenty of snow, and in terms of construction, it is stuck to the main building with some technic pieces as well as some clips.The skylights, as well as the first floor are almost decoration only, because the space is not much, however, the windows and the lights are very nice. At the back there is a big chimney for the ovens and in the ground floor, the fun begins. The house is basically divided in two, the bakery and the costumer’s room which has space for a registration desk.Next to the ovens, there is space for a big shelf with plenty of cakes with multiple colors. The walls are also well designed because there are arches everywhere mixed with glass and wood that gives the building an interesting and rustic look. Outside, the small lamp, a nice carpet, at the entrance, the street lamp, some lights in the corner and the wood door, are nice details that give the building the final touch.The garden, covered with snow is quite comic because cleverly there is a guy that is stuck is a snow ball, and the friends may take pictures of him with a nice black camera. There are trees everywhere, and talking about these, there is one in an old wagon. This one is different from the usual, because besides the traditional big doors and side doors, there is an interesting attaching mechanism to the horse that simultaneously turns a few degrees. At the back, there is room for the tree, an axe, and a rope to control the horse.Finally there is the stand that is very easy to build and surely interacts pretty well, not only in the set but also with other town or city sets. I must say that this set is another one that can not be lost, if you can afford it, of course. Please take a look at the gallery below and if necessary the instructions can be downloaded right from here:

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