Lego The Lone Ranger – The first set pictures!!

Finally we can see some action of what is coming up in 2013. The first Lone Ranger pictures finally appeared and I must say that the first impression is really very good. The six new sets (with a range between 70106 and 79111) which I surely expect that might be the first theme’s wave, bring a lot of action, excellent features and the biggest one has a new train!

All of them are expected to be on stores next May, and according to the pictures the expectation will be huge. There are all kinds of sets sizes, the smallest has a price around the fifteen dollars and the biggest (the train chase) around the hundred.

Let’s have a quick look to all of them, the cavalry set (79106) is a three mini-figures set with a nice white horse and a small cannon. Definitely looks a good entry set and also a nice complement to the bigger ones. The Comanche Camp (79107) is completely different. With a big tent and a canoe, it will bring three new mini-figures including the lone ranger.

The Stage Coach Escape (79108) has a huge carriage with amazing pulled by two black horses. It also includes another brown horse and three minifigs. The Colby city Duel has two buildings, a bank and the sheriff office, four mini-figures and a bunch of guns and cannons.

As you can imagine, we’re arriving to the big ones. The Silver Mine (79110) a mine’s entry over a big hill, with a wood building at a corner, a nice railway with a wagon, and again plenty of action, guns fired by five mini-figures. Finally there is the great train chase (79111) with an old steam train with three carriages. Unfortunately this huge train does not look powered, especially according to the set’s price.

Have a look at some detailed pictures and their respective prices:

79106 – Cavalry Set – $14.9979107 – Comanche Camp – $29.9979108 – Stagecoach Escape – $49.9979109 – Colby City Duel – $59.9979110 – Danger in the Silver Mine – $79.9979111 – Train Chase – $99.99

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