Lego The Lone Ranger 2013 – Have a look at the first pictures and set list

Recently Lego has shown a sneak peak of what’s going to be the new theme, the Lone Ranger. As expected, there will be Indians, cowboys, thieves and surely a lot of new features and most of all great fun. The sets are expected to be on stores in April and initially there are six sets to be released.

The will be a Cavalry Builder, a Comanche Camp, a Colby City showdown, a Comanche Camp and finally the two that most probably will be the head sets, a Silver Mine Shoot out and a constitution train set. The sets will have a range number between 79106 and 79111.

Through the names we can slightly imagine how the sets will be, but of course all the details will remain for the moment the first real pictures appear. However the 79111 caught my attention, will we soon have a new Lego train?

Let’s wait then for 2013. Meanwhile have a look at the set list:

Lego 79106 – Cavalry Builder Set

Lego 79107 – Comanche Camp

Lego 79108 – Stagecoach Escape

Lego 79109 – Colby City Showdown

Lego 79110 – Silver Mine Shootout

Lego 79111 – Constitution Train Chase

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