Lego Technics Official Pictures

Here we go for some big news for the Technic Fans. Official images of four new sets that will be available on summer have been unveiled, showing four powerful vehicles that will surely be a success. The sets are the Heavy-Duty Forklift (42079), Forest Harvester (42080), Volvo Concept Loader ZEUX (42081) and finally the biggest of all the Rough Terrain Crane (42082).

The images speak for themselves and in terms of price they seem definitely four really nice deals. The biggest of all is proposed for values around the two hundred and fifty bucks which seems unbeatable.

Have a look at the pictures and enjoy!

42079 – Heavy-Duty Forklift 

42080 – Forest Harvester 

42081 – Volvo Concept Loader ZEUX 

42082 – Rough Terrain Crane 

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